Whatsapp is a truly incredible messaging application but the sad thing is that 99% of the people who use it probably don’ even take advantage of half of its functionality and this article aims to change just that. WhatsApp Tricks!!

WhatsApp web

WhatsApp Tricks

So one thing you probably have heard of is WhatsApp web simply tapping the little menu button at the top and clicking WhatsApp web on your smartphone enables you to scan a QR  code on laptop and then set up the WhatsApp application on your Mac or PC  and that’s all well and good. It works quickly it’s faster to type on an actual keyboard and it seems almost instantaneously with your smartphone and the synchronization whilst useful in its own right actually creates the opportunity for an even more useful tool.

Message  yourself on WhatsApp

What you need to do is to add your  own contact using your own number  in your smartphone you’ll then be  able to message yourself on WhatsApp and what this means is  that if you ever want to transfer a file between your phone and your laptop simply send it through WhatsApp message yourself  on WhatsApp and almost instantaneously it’ll appear on the  other side so it saves  you the  fast is having to plug in your smartphone and transfer it manually.

WhatsApp Tricks


Chat shortcut 

So for almost all of us you’re going to have a few people who talk to a lot and most of the people who you don’t so for these two people you can add a chat shortcut what this does is creates an icon a bit like a sub-application on your home screen and then  in terms of customization you  can treat this as a standalone app you can move it around You  can rearrange it you can even change the icon to anything  else you want  and of course as a progression of that you can add all your favorite contacts as little icons you could put them all together into one  folder for  example  and call it your  favorite.

Star Messages

Whatsapp also gives you  the  option to star a message and essentially this  is  the equivalent of placing a  little  bookmark in your conversation all you do is hold down on something  relevant that someone said and tap the star button above and then if you ever  want to refer back  to it hit the menu  icon from your main  menu and click  start messages and from here you can see all of them from all the different contacts just  as an example you could use  this to remember all the things that  you need to get done and if you have a click on one of those stars there it’ll take you back  into that point in the conversation to give you some context.

Text converter

WhatsApp Tricks

So then we have a little application which  I have featured in the past so and spend too much time on it But it’s highly relevant here this is called text converter it’s a fun way of basically sending a message in an alternative format you can dress it up in a pattern you  can change the style of the text lots of little fun things you  can do it’s really spiced up the conversation you simply type the message you want to send into the app and then just by tapping on one of the variations of it. It’ll automatically copy that to your clipboard and there are so many options here everything from reverse upside-down text to more code.

Download from here

WhatsApp Tricks

I think we can all share the pain of trying to get something organized  while working in a group chat and the answer to this is in a broadcast and what this allows you  to do is to send the kind  of message you would be sending to a group but instead each party actually receives it as if it were a direct message to the people you’ve contacted are going to feel  like they’ve been individually messaged and therefore they’re probably  more likely to respond and probably less likely to start some off the topic conversation.

WhatsApp Tricks

So then we’ve got a plugin called  send any File  it’s an attachment that essentially extends the functionality  of what’s up and to be honest, considering its name it shouldn’t need too  much explaining so Whilst  what’s up does support a lot of file types there are also quite a few which it doesn’t  support and it also applies a quite heavy compression on a lot of high-quality photos  and videos and the idea  of this  extension is that it bypasses  that you could send us higher resolution  a  photo as you want or you could send your entire  movie library it might take a little bit of time but in the end the end product they receive will be of full quality.

Download from here

It’s particularly useful for WhatsApp so the same bubbles you see on  Facebook Messenger can also be enabled for other applications such as WhatsApp and this just gives you a little bit more freedom to use full-screen apps at the same time as carrying on a conversation.

Download from here

So guys I really hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it made you realize that what that is actually a pretty cool little thing.




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