How To Get Double Tap To Lock On Any Android

Let’s have a look at the method to get Double Tap to lock using the one cool app. This will help to enable the double tap lock feature on your android phone. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

Commonly found a feature on the latest Android devices is the double tap to wake up the screen. This is the feature that is made to make it quick and easy for the users. To get into the device in no time. While the users just require tapping for two times in once quickly over the screen and the screen shall lit up showing all of the mappings. For the locking of the device, there are no options like Double tap to lock and the users just require to press the lock button for the same purpose. It could be convenient if there could be any such feature on the smartphone device.

Fortunately, there is an option inside the Android through which the Double tap to Lock Android could be enabled. And this is what we have described here in this post. Nothing complicated is required to be done so as to get this option availability over the device. We have written about the method to fix the iPhone’s black-white screen issue and hence get the clear display revealed. So this must be more than enough for the introduction, you could start to read the main section of this article right now. So let’s get started with that, do check the post until the end!

We must inform you that in this method we are going to provide you with the app which is able to enable the double tap to lock the Android screen. Simply there is one requirement you need to install this app and after that, no more settings are required. We won’t be talking long to describe you about the app so we will be simply heading towards the description right now. So follow up the complete guide discussed below to proceed.

Steps to Lock Android with Double Tap:

#1 The app for which we are telling is Easy Lock. This app could be found in the Google Play Store or you could just get this app on the Internet also.

#2 After installing the app just restart the device and then make up to the step of the feature, log on to the screen and then double tap on the screen to lock it anytime.


#3 Everytime you double tap on the screen that app feature will activate and your device will get locked.

The double tap is a really convenient way to lock the Android devices. It is not present in all of the devices by default. But you have the option to simply add it and for that purpose, you are knowing the whole procedure.


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