How To Block Popups On Android Devices

Block Popups On Android:- Pop-up messages can be annoying, be it desktop or any other browsing platforms. There are many websites which show pop-ups when you open them or click on links. Pop-ups are a real trouble on Android devices popping up every minute to hinder the smooth use of the device. There are many built-in ways to deal with or block pop-ups on Android device and prevent them from occurring.Block Popups Android

Trick To Block Popups On Android Devices In Easy Steps

How to Block Pop-Ups in Chrome for Android

Chrome is the most widely used browser in Android, so let us start with Chrome. In Chrome you need to go to the three-dot menu icon on the top right and then go to Settings -> Site settings -> Pop-ups. Tap on Pop-ups, there you need to make sure that pop-ups are blocked from showing on all websites.

Once this option is enabled, you will not be seeing pop-ups while browsing the internet using Google Chrome.

Screenshot of settings
Block Popups Android

How to Block Pop-Ups in Firefox for Android

Firefox comes with add-ons to block the pop-ups instead of build in pop-up blocker like in Chrome. There is no inbuilt option and to block pop-ups in Firefox you get unlock Origin. Using this add-on you can block the pop-ups and also customize and set your priority and rules to block the unwanted Pop-ups and adds from different sites. It is always better than the built-in Pop-up blocker in Chrome.

Screenshot of block popups
Block Popups Android
Scan Your Android Phone for Malware

If still, you are getting pop-ups, it might be due to adware. Adware is a form of Malware which generates Popups and adds can be present in your device. You need to have anti-virus installed to automatically scan your device. But here you need to manually scan the program to make sure that your pop-ups are not due to Adware. So always check for malware if you are getting too many pop-ups.

Apps Can Cause Pop-Ups Too

If you are getting too many Pop-ups all on a sudden and you have recently installed new apps, then the app might be the reason for your Popups. You need to immediately uninstall the app to get rid of these Pop-ups. If that is also not working, then you need to go for uninstalling all potential apps one by one and see at which point the pop-ups disappear completely.

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