Install Kali Linux on Android Without Root

Linux has the capability to turn an Android device into a portable network troubleshooting or pen-testing device. While installing Kali Linux on your Android device using the methods listed below, you need to root your device. Linux cannot be installed on your Android device if it is not rooted.


If you do not wish to root your device, do not follow the methods listed below. Another precaution is to have enough free space in your memory. If you don’t have enough free memory, the installation if Linux will fail.

Install Kali Linux Using Linux deploy and VNC Viewer.

#1 Go to Google Play Store and Install Linux Deploy and VNC Viewer on your Android device.


#2 Once downloaded, launch the Linux deploy an app. You will find an option looking like a download symbol at the bottom of the screen. Hit that option, and you will find a list of other options. Here, in ‘Distribution’ select Kali Linux.

#3 In the same list, go to GUI settings and enter the width and the height of your device’s screen.

#4 Then, go to the option ‘Install’ and hit it. You will notice that the process of installation has been initiated. This installation process might take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. So please maintain your patience till the process gets completed.

#5 When this process is completed, tap on the option ‘Configure‘.

#6 Post configuration, hit the ‘Start‘ option.

#7 Then, open the VNC viewer and enter the details required such as address, name, and password, etc.

#8 Once the data entry is completed, you will have successfully installed Kali Linux on your Android device which is ready to be used now.


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