How To Download and Install iMessages on Windows PC

Download and Install iMessage on Windows:- Apple Inc developed iMessage and released it in October 2011. The Messages application supports it! It is supported iOS, macOS, and watchOS. iMessage is based on (APNs)Apple Push Notification Service, which is a binary protocol. The connections are encrypted and have their unique codes, which act as an identifier for the route which must be chosen to send a message from one device to another device. Since iMessage is an application for iOS users, it will not run on Windows PC. However, if you wish to run iMessage on your Windows PC, you can follow the methods listed below to do so!

Some of the most interesting features of iMessage for Windows PC are you can send texts, documents, photos, videos, contact information, and group messages to your friends and family who are iOS or macOS users. It is a very useful alternative to SMS/MMS messaging.


The best way to use a service is to get its app, which has all the features and an amazing user experience. Thus, here we about to discuss the steps which you need to execute to download the iMessages app on your Windows PC.

Follow the steps given below:

#1– Since you need an iOS emulator on your Windows PC to run an iOS application, you must download and install on iOS emulator on your PC before going ahead.

#2– One of the best iOS emulators for Windows PC is iPadian Emulator. This iOS emulator creates an iOS framework on your PC. Once you run this emulator, your Windows PC will start acting like a Mac PC. Also, applications which run only on Mac devices will start running on your Windows PC.

#3– Now, launch iPadian on your Windows PC and search for ‘iMessage‘ app from the search bar.

#4– Results will be displayed on your screen. Now, click on ‘Install‘ option to initiate the downloading process of iMessage on your Windows PC.

#5– Once downloaded, wait till the app gets successfully installed on your Windows PC.

#6– As soon as the app gets installed, you can start using it on your Windows PC. All you will need is a good internet connection.



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