Try New Cool Notepad Tips, Tricks and Hacks

For all Notepad is known as a simple text editor provided by Microsoft. But Notepad is not as simple as it is considered. There are many Notepad Tips, Tricks and hacks you can do. Notepad can be used to open many unknown extensions files. In notepad, we can write the initial code that can then be compiled. It holds tricks and hacks and many commands which make it very productive. So let’s check some of the super cool tricks using Notepad on all versions of Windows including Windows 10.


Notepad Tips Tricks

1. How to shut down your Computer Using Notepad

You can shut down the system by just double-clicking an icon by using the following code in Notepad. Write the following code in Notepad and save it as a .vbs file. Just by pressing it your system will shut down.

2. How to create a Log or Diary or Personal Book using Notepad

For that, you need to Open Notepad and Type. LOG in the first line. Then save the file as Log.txt or any other name .txt file. Whenever you’ll open this log file, notepad automatically enters the date and time at which it is opened.


3. How to create fake windows errors

Open Notepad and Type X=Msgbox(“Your error msg goes here ”,0+16,“your title of the error message goes Here”). Now save the file with error.vbs and then click the file to generate your fake windows error message.


4 How to Convert Text to Speech

Copy and paste the code down below into notepad and save as a .vbsfile. Double-click the file and it will open a prompt. Enter the sentence you want the computer to speak out and press ok.

Dim message, sapi
message=InputBox(“What do you want me to say?”,”Speak to Me”)
Set sapi=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
sapi.Speak message


5. How to hit Enter continuously

If we want to hit the enter button continuously instead of pressing it, again and again, we can use the below code. Type it in a notepad and save as a .vbs file.

Set wshShell = wscript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)cli
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys “~(enter)”


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