Change windows password without knowing the existing password

Trick To Change Windows Password:- With the increase in technology, use of a computer which was a luxury once upon a time became a necessity. In the present situation of Tech world, there is no wonder if anyone says that computer is an essential part of a human. Though you may be using the computer for many days, most probably there would be many things which were unknown to you. Here are some tips and tricks that every user must know.

You can change the password without knowing the existing password. But this trick works only when your PC was logged in.

Follow these steps to do it:

step1: Right click on my computer icon and select Manage.


step2: Go to Local Users and Groups option present in the sidebar and then click on users. You can see the list of users.


step3: Right click on that user whose password you want to change and then select an option to set a password.


step4: Click on proceed on the pop-up window to get started.


step5: Enter the new password you want to keep and click on Ok button to finish.



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