Well, its a frequently asked question nowadays that. How can I hack something or someone for my own benefit?

First, you should learn what is VPN?

Well, I am here to tell you this thing and I think your search is over now. So let’s start this now.

Note: This post is for educational purpose only.

Hacking a someone PC to view or to steal someone information would not help you to become a hacker if u really want to learn hacking then you need to learn the various languages like Linux, having some network knowledge, read security news etc (What is Proxy). If you have done all of these then try to hack your own network without the fear of getting caught by the cybersecurity. If u get success in hacking your own network then maintain full anonymity and try to hack any other setups like your company set up or ur college website but always remember don’t try to change the data¬† (you are not professional ).

How to become famous in hacking?

  1. You can gain fame and name over a night. You have to work very hard to become famous
  2. Persons like John Draper and Kevin Mitnick gained notoriety from hacking in the past.
  3. If a hacker become famous then he surely be in prison or running from the law or you can become a white hat hacker and work for the organization

I want to hack someone because they scammed me or hacked me

If someone hacked you then complain to the service provider. Attempting to hack them may you get in trouble or land u in jail.

I need to hack or spy on my spouse computer

Relationships are based on trust and communication. If you believe that ur phone is cheating on you then confront him or her. Attempting to hack or spy on them may lose interest in you or you can lose your relation.

hack something or someone

Want to learn to hack so i can know more about computer

If you want to learn hacking then you didn’t want to learn more about the computer. You just want to have knowledge of programming languages, networks, security, gateways etc…

Can i make money from hacking

Yes, you can make money from hacking like by scamming, carding. But if you get caught then you will land in jail and you will lose more then you earn. So do hacking at your own risk. You would earn money by learning another skill like web development, android development or become a WHITE HAT hacker and become a famous person…


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