Paytm Cashback Offer- Paytm again launched a cashback offer for their users. In this cashback offer, users can avail Rs 10/- cashback when they send money to a friend using Paytm UPI. So you can use this offer to get more cash back. So let’s check how you can avail 350 Assured cashback from Paytm by sending money through Paytm UPI.

Get Rs. 350 cashback On Paytm by sending money through Paytm UPI

How To Get Assured Cashback From Paytm By Sending Money To Friends Using Paytm UPI?

1. First Download or Update Paytm App from Here.

2. Then Open app and login or signup to your account.

3. Create Paytm UPI account by clicking on UPI Option on the homepage of Paytm app.

4. Now send Rs. 100 or more days to 5 unique friends who have Paytm UPI to get Rs 10 cashback.

5. You’ll get Cashback in 48 hours in your paytm wallet.

6. You can do this for 7 days to get more cash back as follows-

(Rs. 10 × 5 Which is Rs. 50 × 7 days = Rs.350 Cashback)

7. This Offer starts at 5 pm on 6th December and Offer valid until 10th December 11:59 pm.

8. Send money to your friends on their @Paytm UPI Address and get Rs. 10 cash back 5 times every day.

9. You can get cash back 5 times every day till the offer is open.

10. You have to Send more than Rs. 100 using UPI to avail cashback offer.

11. Send money to only @paytm UPI address. UPI address created with other app are not eligible for this offer.

12. Each time sends money to a unique @paytm UPI address to be eligible for cash back. You can avail with your other paytm accounts.

13. To earn Rs. 350, you have to send Rs.100 to 35 unique @paytm UPI address for next 7 days.

14. Cashback will be processed within 48 hours. You will get cash back in your Paytm Wallet.

15. As this offer is live for a limited time so avail as fast as possible. You can use your other paytm accounts to send money and receive that again or you can use your friends and relatives account.


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