Moto X4 Review


Lenovo finally launched the Moto x4 India, which has a starting price of Rs 20,999 and I will tell you its review, Whether you should buy this mobile or not. Friends, we do a review with a good feature this mobile is IP68 certified, which is based on water and dust. It means water and dust will not have any effect on it. Moto x4

Moto X4 Camera

Even before the launch, the company had said that it is a dual camera mobile and dual cameras are special to me.This phone has two Cameras of one 12MP and one 8MP. The 12MP camera is a normal sensor But the 8MP camera is a wide angle that means you can take a bigger picture than close.Apart from this, which are the features of Dual Cameras, such as Portrait mode, you will find all those features.

Moto X4 Review: Should you buy it in India?

The con, I felt was that when the photo was clicked after auto-saving it was taking a little time, Apart from this, there was a slight reduction near the edges of the photo.

One of the interesting features that I felt was that the colour pick option when you see a frame, it has lots of colour.So through that option, you can pick up any one colour and all those colours around it will be greyed out.We can say that the camera will satisfy you.

Moto X4 Selfie Camera

We all know that there is a trend of selfies in the social media. Lenovo also has a front camera in the Moto Moto, which is equipped with Flame Light and Day Light condition Every Settlement gives you the opportunity to take Bhatrien Selfie, along with the company has given a flat flashlight, so you can also have your own selfies So selfie, you will not have any problem with you, you will be satisfied with both the cameras.

Let’s talk about Moto X4 Design

Moto X4 Review: Should you buy it in India?

The company has used glass on both the front and the back. The company saying that it is Gorilla Glass Protected and the metal is used on the Sides. I’m looking a little weak at this, First of all, the metal body is weak compared to mobile, if it falls, there are more chances to break. Second, If you see its camera, then it has turned outside which has enough chances to make scratches.The advantage of Gorilla Glass is that they will not be a heat. Those who play games, watch long videos, so do not issue heat like another mobile. Overall, it’s designed is very good.

Moto X4 Fingerprint

In this mobile the fingerprint button is not on the back panel, it is provided on the Home panel. If we swipe left or right to the Home button, then it exits from the apps, so this is also a great feature in this mobile.


It has a 5.2-inch Full HD-resolution, which is very good and Sharp.When you use it, you will find that you are using a mobile with Samsung’s super AMOLED display.Moto never launched such a mobile before, then you have to admit that this is a great mobile.


Lenovo has used the Snapdragon 630 CPU in it, which gives you a great performance without any doubt.I played a car racing game for performance tests for a long time and after playing a lot of time I still did not get any heating issue. With this, you will get 3000 MHz battery, I experimented, it lasted 11 hours and you can use it up to 1 day.But if it had a 3600 MHz battery then it could have become a very good mobile, though it is still a good mobile device.

Moto X4 Security Feature

The security feature is also good in this mobile, the company has added a feature called Moto key, which allows you to add fingerprint. With the help of this feature you can enter into any app you do not need to enter patterns and passwords. You will find this feature on Apple’s phone. Apart from this, Levono has said that the security update will be equally available, this will be good in terms of mobile software and security.



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