• Hello guys! In this article, we are going to discuss the parts of the internet. The things that we do every day like social chatting, online shopping, surfing etc are just the small percentage of the internet. There are more 95% of internet hidden from us. So let’s talk about the other parts that are not available to the public.Dark web

    There are mainly 3 parts of the internet. That is –

    1) Surface Web

    2) Deep Web

    3) Dark Web

    What is Surface Web?

    The Surface Web (Also called Visible Web, Clearnet, Indexable Web, Indexed Web or Lightnet) is the part of the World wide web. It is easily available to the general public and it can be searched by any Search Engine Is there. In simple words, we can say that it is the internet that any user in the world can access anywhere, without any special permission. But this is nothing. Surface web is just around 5% of the total internet world. The other 95% are in the Deep web.

    What is Deep Web?


    Deep Web – It is also known as “Deepnet, The invisible web”. It is part of the Internet that has a Confidential Data Store and it can not be accessed by a normal Internet user. If you have to access the deep web then you should have a special URL, a special website. With an address for a special server and that address, you must be of the permission that you are eligible to access that information. There are as many websites as Deep web, and there is no information as much as web pages, and there is no index in any search engine.

    Deep web covers the 95% part of the total internet. This is hidden from us but this can be easily searchable by using the special link of website and tor browser.

    What is Dark Web?

    Like this name dark web, it is a “black market” of the Internet or an illegal market. Its the black part of the internet and also come under deep web. Browsing Deep web is not illegal but the browsing Dark web is illegal. You can’t access this easily. A dark web where the illegal things happen like gambling, shooter hiring, Pornography, Drugs dealing and many more. We will not recommend you to visit Dark web. You can also see many stories on the internet about that person,  who had tried to visit Dark web.

    Note:- This information is only for educational purpose.



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