1. Storing batteries in the freezer can double up the lifespan of it. life hacks 

2. You can use Google as a timer by typing “set timer (x) minutes” into the search bar life hacks 

3. Visit YouTube.com/disco and put or enter an artists name on search option and then YouTube will auto arrange a playlist based on uploads of that artist

5. Using your phone while it’s charging can damage the battery this is why the chord of the chargers are short.life hacks 

6. If your Phone battery is really low and you need it for later don’t turn it off instead put it in aeroplane mode. Turning it on and off will take more battery.

7. If you want to download any YouTube video just add “SS” to the URL link between WWW. And YouTube…

8. If a Duracell battery leaks and destroys one of your electronic devices, the company will replace the device if it’s sent to them with the defective batteries still in place.

How to hack something or someone

9. Futurme.org lets you send letters to yourself in the future.

10. If you search on YouTube “do the Harlem a shake” the page itself to the Harlem Shake.

11. Instead of ctrl+alt+Del to get to task manager Use ctrl+shift+escape to get directly into task manager.

12. If you download a PDF file and you see its extension is “.exe” delete it usually it’s virus files.

13. Tired of tiny YouTube player when using 20+ inch monitor? Simply hold Ctrl and scroll out(up) (or ctrl minus) to increase the page or decrease.

14. If you play YouTube videos through safari browser you can still listen to them with your phone’s screen turned off.

15. Stop using Google.com for searching school essays instead use “scholar.google.com”, you will find more relevant information easily in short interval of time.

16. On IOS seven you can now block people from calling or texting just by going to setting and message and blocked.

17. On television, you can enter a show you like and it will recommend new shows to watch and where to find them offline.

18. When you activate your phone in Airplane mode it will auto stop showing ads while playing games.

19. If you want to buy the cheapest Airplane tickets use your browser’s incognito or private windows, prices go up if you visit a site multiple time.

20. An iPad charger will charge your iPhone much faster.

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