Youtube is worlds 2nd most popular website after google and also worlds top video consumption site. But the bad thing about youtube is their irritating ads. Sometimes they are irrelevant and also ruin our video experience. So today i am gonna share with you 3 easy steps to block this irritating ads. So lets head down to How to block Youtube ads ?

How to block youtube ads on Android phone ?

Method 1 : Adblocker enabled Browser

Adblock browsers are the best method to stop ads in site. You can use these browsers while you use youtube website. There are various types of adblocker browsers available in play store for Android and also you can use chrome or Firefox extensions to stop ads on desktop browsers.

Method 2 : External adblocker app

This is most suitable method for them who don’t want to leave youtube app and also don’t want to modify their android.

You can use any external Adblock app to stop ads on youtube app. Their are many apps like adsaway, adskip and many more to stop all types of ads in Android.

Method 3 : Mod Apk

This is also another way to stop youtube ads on android devices. This method is very risky , because you are using modded app that may be harmful for your phone. So we will not recommend this to use. You will be responsible if you use this method.

But there are also some trusted modded apps. We refer you this XDA thread or you can use OG youtube from their official site.

Conclusion :

If you don’t  want to use any other modded app then you can mod that app too. Download Latest Lucky patcher and select the official app and you will get an option  to Stop Google ads. Just select that and you are done. As you are modifying system apps so you need root permission and also you need to keep a back up before doing anything with system apps.


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