Hey guys, Prasan here with Top 5 Upcoming whatsapp features that are really going to mad you. As we all know whatsapp is the no 1 instant messaging app in the whole world and more that 200 million users in India use whatsapp daily and more 1.5 billion people use this in whole world. Now this is also important for the company to add some cool features to their app. So now here is the Top 5 Upcoming WhatsApp features.

1. Unsend or Edit Sent messages

This is one of the cool feature that whatsapp is going to add. You can unsend or edit your sent messages within a time span of 5 minutes or more. This feature is already added by crackers. You can check that features Here

2. UPI Based Transaction

We are now going to Digital India. So this is also a cool feature for us to make cashless transactions. This upcoming Feature of whatsapp will allow you to send money to any of your contact very simply like paytm or any other UpI apps.

Whatsapp payment section of Android is still under development. But whatsapp got the government permission to use this UPI based transaction on their app. So we are going to get this feature in upcoming whatsapp.

3. Live Location Sharing

We already have the option to share location. But whatsapp is gonna give it a new look with Live Location Sharing. You can share your current location with your friends and relatives. The testing of this feature is already done in windows mobile.

4. Youtube Video integration

With this feature we can play youtube videos without leaving whatsapp. If anybody will share  a youtube link then that will show in a picture or media format in your whatsapp and you can directly play that video there.

You don’t need to open youtube app. This feature will save more ram and cpu of your device and also the views of youtubers.

5. Switch From Voice call to Video Call

The switching from voice call to video call feature is also gonna add soon is whatsapp. With this feature we don’t need to cut the voice call to do a video call. We can direct switch to video call.

Wabetainfo says that they will soon allow users to use this feature but it will work when they both have latest whatsapp installed on their phone.


So these are the Top 5 upcoming whatsapp features in 2017-18. There are many more features like more file format sharing, more media sharing limit, new stickers, status update and many more… so stay tuned with us to know more about upcoming Features and other tricks.


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