Hey what’s up guys,  Prasan Here with a interesting article to help you approve your google adsense account. In this article, i am going to explain about some key points that you should apply to your blog/site before applying for adsense. If you will follow my steps correctly, then i am sure that you will get approve google adsense very soon.

What is Google Adsense ?

Google Adsense is an advertiser platform to help you earn money from your website or blog. In all other advertiser platforms, Google adsense is one of the easiest, trusted and highest paying platform. This is a professional way of earning money by showing your passion to your visitors.

Google adsense is safe and trusted site for publishing ads and earn money. But sometimes it becomes very difficult to get approved from google adsense. Google publishers check and test your sites before give you approval for showing their ads on your site and that makes it difficult for new users. Because they check the whole status and seo of site.

So in this article i am going to help you adding some extra and responsive features on your site to get  approve google adsense.

How To Approve Google Adsense ?

1. Buy A Good Domain Name

Here good domain means buying a .com, .us, .in , .org, .net ….. etc from a trusted seller like Godaddy, Namecheap, Bigrock etc. These domain not only help you get approve soon but also pull traffic to your site rather than free domains like  .tk, .ml, .cf . So if you are serious about  your passion ,then you should give that a good domain name.

2. Long Domain Name

Google give more ranks on search results  to long domain names than short domain names. So this is also important to buy a long domain name like minimum 9-10 words to appear on google search and to get more traffic.

3. A Perfect Hosting

Many newbies prefer blogger to host their domain free of cost. Blogger is also a part of google services but it doesn’t give more functions to their users to modify their site. So it’s good to buy a hosting package from a trusted Hosting providers like Bluehosting, Hostgator etc because their functions will help you to get approve google adsense.

4. Write Content

If you have a responsive and well optimised site, but you don’t have any content , then you may have some chances to get approve google adsense. Afterall “Content is the King” . So write at least 30-50 well written articles before applying for adsense. And don’t copy content from other sites because it will make trouble for you. So better to write your own article to get more traffic to your site.

5. Use A Best Template

Template/Themes take a big % on our site design. Their are thousands of themes to give your website a great look. But my suggestion  is to use Seo Optimised or Adsense Friendly themes on your site. Because they have all features to make your site responsive and fast loading of pages that will help you to get approve google adsense.

6. Give Your Website A Clean Look

This is the most important part to get approve google adsense in some days. Many users don’t know about it and others don’t care about this. But it affects on your site to get approve google adsense.

Make Pages that give information about your site/bussiness to your visitors or users. Make About, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, Contact Pages on your site. It will give your site a clean look and you will get google adsense approved in 5 days.

7. Bring More Traffic

No doubt that if you have a good traffic then you will get your approved adsense account very soon. The best way to get traffic is to share links of your site in social sites and blog commenting. If you have youtube channel then you can promote your site their to get more views.

Final Words

If you will follow my all steps before applying  for adsense then you will get approve google adsense very soon. And if i leave anything then please comment below that will be appreciated.

If you get any problems on this topic then please comment below or Contact Us. Thanks for your time to read the article and help us and your friends by sharing this article.



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