Welcome guys, today in this article we are going to cover a nice topic “How to use VPOST (a reshipping site)Easily?”.


I got lots of messages on my whatsapp and mosy of the readers are asking about vpost. So in this post i will cover your some questions like What is Vpost?, How to use it?, Where to register?, what to do for getting an USA address? and etc. so without wasting your time lets start.

What is Vpost:- vPost allows its registered members to shop and purchase at eligible and multiple USA, Europe, China and Japan sites. vPost members are given free personalised USA, EUROPE, JAPAN and CHINA addresses, which opens the gateway for them to shop direct at the respective overseas websites and have their items delivered to their doorstep. With these services, vPost members can enjoy significant shipping savings and purchase items from sites that do not accept international orders.

First of all we have to visit on www.Vpost.com


How to use VPOST (a reshipping site) Easily


Here you will get 4 Countries with Flag Likewise Thailand,Malaysia,Singapore,India and Australia so, you have to choose your home country where you want to get your products. In My case i am choosing India click on Indian flag and you will be redirected on in.vpost.com here you will have to click on sign in or sign up button or follow below screen shoot.

How to use VPOST (a reshipping site) Easily


Now, when you click on sigh-in sigh-up button just click on last button called Create new account.


How to use VPOST (a reshipping site) Easily


After Clicking in this, you will go to registration page 🙂 fill your information like email,First name, Last name (Surname),Password,choose your gender and then accept terms and conditions and click on sign up button you can also follow below screen shoot, In this screen shoot i described with 8 steps 🙂

How to use VPOST (a reshipping site) Easily


When you will Complete there 8 steps then you have to go to your email inbox (which you use for sign up).

okay now you will get a confirmation email (sometimes it takes few minutes to come) just click on sign in word (which is in blue color).


How to use VPOST (a reshipping site) Easily

Now our account is ready for use. Let me tell you how to check your address and where will you get your shopping items :-/

Follow below image to do next.

How to use VPOST (a reshipping site) Easily


#1 First go to My Address and there you will get 3 different address of USA,EUROPE and JAPAN. You can do Shopping anywhere in USA , Europe and Japan, copy that address and paste it on Notepad or always open vpost and use that address for shopping you just need to give your VPOST address and within few days you will get your product in VPOST warehouse.

How to use VPOST (a reshipping site) Easily


#2 GO to “My Account” and add your address (your own home) and click on“Edit” then click on ADD ADDRESS. 

A Pop up will open here you need to add your address.

How to use VPOST (a reshipping site) Easily

fill all required fields and click on save button.


When your order will delivered on vpost just Click on  My Shopping there you will get your orders.

One thing more don’t forget  to declare your products. For declaring you have to click on declare and choose your item type like clothing,food,electronics,beauty so on.

Sometimes you don’t see any order in your My Shopping list. But it has been delivered then don’t worry for this you need to click on find Packages

How to use VPOST (a reshipping site) Easily


When you will click on find package,a pop up will appear enter your tracking no. which is given by website.

Then, read re-captcha  and enter it and click on submit done you will get your packages on your shopping cart.


Note:- It takes 2-3 days to vpost to update and show your packages on cart so be patience.

Once you done you have to pay courier charges to vpost.

It will delivered to your country or home,there is two types of shipping one is economic and second is Standard.

In Economic shipping it will take 15-21 days to ship and in Standard it takes 10-14 days.

After paying courier charges you will get an email with tracking no.

Or go to My tracking (on vpost) there you will get tracking no.

Note:- Vpost gives 21 days free storage facilities after that you have to pay on daily basis.


Thanx for reading.



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